Stock & Inventory

Stock and inventory refers to the pool of products, goods, materials or assets required to meet the business objective.In educational institutions like schools and colleges, these would be assets like stationary, moveable infrastructure like chair, tables, desks, blackboards, teaching aids like overhead projectors, televisions, video players, DVDs, library assets like books and magazines, etc.

Inventory management is a discipline basically about determining the count and record of stocked goods.Itensures that institutions get the best returns on our expenditures on much-needed assets, tools, resources, and infrastructure .This module helps to evolve the sales and purchase transactions. Apart from maintaining a record of all stocks, it helps to create daily reports for each transaction.

The most attractive feature of this module is that it is connected with accounting part to arrangethe different vouchers for every transaction for stock maintenance.

Manual inventory tracking is great challenge or burden on educational institutions. Poor asset maintenance, procurement schedules etc. result in enormous financial and productivity losses. We provide cloud-based solutions for tracking and storing inventory. Some of the features we provide are listed below:-

I ) Proper organization of school property and pre arrangement of Infra for planned classes
This acts as one stop place to get a comprehensive and detailed reckoning of all institutionalassets.The first and foremost activity of educational institutions is time table planning for classes. Inventory management module helps institution admin to facilitate all the requirements of the class like projector, all electronic gadgets, other educational requirements, etc. before it is initiated.

II ) Inter departmental distribution of inventory
Smooth functioning of all the departments is necessary for the proper functioning of the institution. Smooth functioning of departments also calls for the requirements of various items. All requests for use, requisition, procurement and disbursal of assets pass through a single gateway through this software. Hence a transparent picture of school property comes cutting down the chances of loss and theft.

III ) Complete reports regarding inward and outward stock through easily accessible and available approach.
The user friendly software is easily accessible anywhere, users can raise request or ping the online software according to their requirements. It becomes easy to maintain and file supplier and payment records understanding the institutions budget.