Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a guide for parents to monitor their ward’s activities at their second home that is their educational institution. You need a valid e-mail id and e-mail .Mobile number to create a Parent-Portal account.

1.   You can create an e-mail account.

2.  Enter accurate information in the fields. This information will be compared against student records as a qualification for approval.

3.  To access information of your child you need to add a student to your Parent-Portal account.

4.  Student ID and date of birth of your child are required to add a student to your Parent-Portal account.

5.  Please contact your child's school to retrieve a student ID.

Following are the features that can be helpful for the parents through the portal:-

Student Profile :
Parents can view and update their child’s profile and their contact details like address phone and E-mail. This will help institutions to connect with parents in hours of need

Homework and Assignment :
Daily homework, assignments and other activities updates will be accessible to parents.

Fee Tracking and Online Payments :
This feature is a savior of parents ‘time and energy they used to reach institutions or banks to pay fees. All the transactions are available online. Parents will get SMS & email alerts for fees reminders and confirmations

Online School Diary :
Parents get acknowledged and engaged about their wards progress and behavioral etiquettes. Online School Diary acts as a channel of communication between parents and the Institution.

Circulars and Notice :
Information like latest circulars, activities of the school, exam schedules, school curriculum, parent-teacher meeting and announcements will be at parent’s finger tips.

Attendance Tracking :
Parents can have an eye on their child’s attendance using the Portal. Parents will be notified by SMS on late entry and absence of their child at the institution.

Exam Schedule :
Using Parent-Portal a parent can view and download exam schedule of their child. This could aid parents to help their child plan well for the preparation of their studies.