Front Office

The Front Office Department is the mirror of any institution. It is responsible for creating first hand impressions regarding the standard of services and facilities provided.

Front office module plays vital role in educational institution management. It is the initial point from where all activities are centrically managed. It is the chamber for interaction of visitors with the staff members. It is a store where all the records have to be maintained.

Listed are few facilities that this module supports:-

1.   Allows the front office executive to organize visitors and provides assistance to them.

2.   Allows selling of prospectus, admission forms, issuing of certificates, letters and keep track record for the early leaving students and staff.

3.   The front office executive to manage visitor’s details included with meeting purpose, time and date and facilitate them assistance.

4.   Manages tasks like setting up of reminders for events, activities, contacts, appointments, incoming and outgoing calls routed along with their detailed report.

5.   It helps in tracking the details of courier received or sends.

6.   Enquiry details like its purpose follow-ups, etc. all the records have to be maintained by front office executive.

7.   Better communication among all the departments.