Admin Portal

The Admin portal is an administration console from which you can manage various identity services like enabling administrative functions, such as creating and managing portlets and other Web services.It is used to assign to a role to end user.Perhaps, users can view only the content that is granted as permission by the admin and they cannot log in to the Admin Portal It is the connecting link between the senior management and the employees. The objective of this portal is to provide motivation to the work force and make them aware and realize their job role and responsibilities and the goals of the organization.

The Admin Portal here functions as:-

I ) Determine the database to be used for the portal.

II ) Defining user roles and responsibilities and allotting them the rights according.

III ) Inculcation of proper and appropriate content on the portal.

IV ) Develop a convention for determining which port lets are for internal viewing and which are for external viewing.

V ) Adding the functionality to your portal after consideration of business purpose.